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Why video content is getting all the eyes on social media and what can digital marketing agencies take from this?

Video content marketing is on the rise on social media and many brands see it as the reason behind their success in the digital age. Video marketing has been gaining popularity for a few years now and it seems digital marketing will be revolving around it for a while. This is because more and more brands are becoming aware of the full potential of video content and using it to increase their impact online. Studies show that the viewership of branded video content has spiked to 85% in 2019 and 54% of the viewers like to see more of the brand or business they support. These figures are bound to keep increasing in 2020. 

Mobile devices are getting more focus from social media platforms nowadays because studies show that more and more people are consuming video content on their phones. YouTube generates 50% of the viewership from mobile devices. Instagram launched its Instagram Tv feature to encourage users to post video content and spend more time watching video content on Instagram. 

Video Content has statistically proven to grow and 2020 is the right time for businesses to start harnessing the power of video content marketing on social media to grow their businesses and maximize online reach. 

Video Content and Social Media

Social media has evolved greatly over the years and this is one of the reasons why it stays relevant in our daily lives and business strategies. Social media’s popularity depends largely on the tweaks that dismiss our old tricks faster than we anticipate. To create cutting edge marketing strategies that lead to greater reach requires sophisticated use of video content marketing. 

Social media pick out and promote content that is meaningful and useful to the viewers. Posts that don’t bring any value to the audience are likely to not fare well organically. Video content is consumed easily, can be used to share content on a variety of topics and in different styles and is often more entertaining than written content or even images. Video content is also likely to get the most engagement i.e. real-time comments and conversations. 

Statistics show that about 87% of digital marketing agencies are posting video content on their social media platforms due to the engagement they get from it. 73% of social media users have claimed that they got influenced by a brand’s video content. This is also one of the reasons why Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have ‘Stories’ feature which made Snapchat so popular in the first place. Stories are great to share vertical video content and gain traffic. 

What kind of video content should you post? 

Video content marketing can work for different niches. Quality of content is very important to get noticed online. Video Content must always have a CTA button in the description from which the viewers can always be directed towards after watching the video content. The content needs to go viral when the viewers click, subscribe or buy a product. Viewer’s best respond to video content that informative, entertaining and compelling enough to be acted upon. The video content should focus on presenting your product or service in the best and most concise way possible. 

The consistency of your content strategy is the last component in video marketing which can make or break your social media presence. Posting high-quality content regularly can ensure that your viewers keep coming back for more.  

Engagement and Production

The videos that get the most engagement are relevant to the audience, posted consistently and focus on informing and engaging with the audience. Creating engaging video content can come easily to a business that has its objectives figured out. Any business can start creating video content as a part of their overall marketing strategy with the help of a marketing agency. 54% of viewers suggest that they like to see more content and consistently from the brands they follow. The engagement on a post doesn’t require expensive production high-quality video content production is becoming more and more accessible with the help of free online tools. Mobile devices now come equipped with cameras that rival DSLRs. You can shoot and edit a viral video from the comfort of your mobile device.

Video Content marketing is something every business should get acquainted with because of how versatile and efficient it is. It is shareable and consumed across a variety of platforms and devices making it one of the most important factors of modern marketing strategies.

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