Cromwell Court

Cromwell Court is a H.M.O style accommodation located at Hanley, United Kingdom. It is offering shared accommodation with a proper commercial representation in UK and their goal is to create a household generic name in shared accommodation segment. Cromwell Court currently consists of two rental units: Thompson House and Ephraim Street, with many new projects in the pipeline.

Project Detail

7 Tides Digital developed comprehensive SEO strategy for Cromwell Court. We utilized the advanced on-page and off-Page SEO techniques that served Cromwell Court to boost their online presence. We have also used the latest keyword research tools to boost their website ranking and bring it on the first page of Google search results with the help of the most relevant keywords.


Cromwell Court is a B2C business, thus, it is very important for it to reach its niche target base of customer who are looking for shared accommodation in Stoke-on-Trent. 7 Tides Digital has been successfully helping Cromwell Court in reaching its target market by improving its online visibility, establishing SEO campaigns which brings Cromwell Court in one of the top HMO accommodations in Stoke-on-Trent.

Our Strategy / Solution


SEO Results

The following graphs show our client’s achievements in website traffic and keywords ranked on google 1st page after using our SEO services.

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Client Feedback


7 Tides digital has professionally handled marketing of our brand on different platforms resulting in less availability of rooms and we even have to reject booking requests now.

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