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Content writing and SEO tips to help you repurpose old blog posts.

The content writing and SEO world is expanding rapidly. Keeping up to date with new methods and trends can be difficult. But writing quality content and optimizing it for search engines is still the best and most popular way of marketing your website for success. Content marketing has evolved rapidly over the years and it makes many people wonder if the old blog posts on their website are any good at all now that newer methods for ranking higher are being used.

The answer is yes. Your old blog posts (if informative, engaging and well written) are still as valuable as before. Quality content is what people are looking for when they come to your website the more consistently you post; the more your visitors will have a reason to keep coming back. The only thing you must do is go back and make tweaks to the old blog posts so that more people can organically find them when they search for similar topics.

Recycling your greatest hits

Repurposing old content will get you to boost your views by recycling the most popular blog posts and help you double the traffic and engagement. There is a reason why so many people clicked on those blog posts? Maybe they would like to read a more updated version of it? Maybe there is something you know now that you can add to make it more informative and useful to the readers.

Reminding your viewers of certain products or services you offer through repurposed blog posts is a great way to boost your viewership and conversion rate. Maybe there are certain printable files or online course that you would like to sell again. Guiding your viewer to the relevant blog posts will be a great way to get their brains picked and provide value.

Promote on social media

The best thing you can do to get attention to your old blog post is by promoting them on your social media platforms. Social media is a great way to get traffic from and by posting catchy graphics, you can get a lot of views and click through to the blog posts that you want people to revisit.

You can share blog posts about relevant and trending topics such as ‘remote work tips’ that you created a long time ago but that is suddenly most searched for in due to the global lockdown. The tips are as useful now as before and you can get more engagement on it by sharing it as a resource.

Write a series

Writing the same topic (usually one that performed well) but with additional information or continuation is a great way to not just utilize well-performing blog posts, it is also a great opportunity to share new information on the same topic and provide previously written blog pots as backlinks to boost traffic and views. What’s more important is that by breaking a topic into several blog post series you can keep the attention of the readers for longer who are likely not going to be able to digest too much information in one sitting. As most content marketing experts know, readability is very important to search engine ranking.

Make use of headings

Maybe you realize one day that the blog posts you have already written are great but they have underperformed due to the titles or headings which could be more attention-grabbing. Titles and heading are likely going to be part of your blog post most people read. This is because most people speed read or skim content online and they don’t usually read the puns you made in the blog posts, they just read the title and heading which if catchy and informative enough might compel them to continue reading in-depth.

Titles need to be ‘click-bait’ enough to get readers attention but mind you, if you don’t deliver on the promises, they will bounce off your website which can seriously hurt your analytics. The way to keep the attention of your reader is by incorporating headings and carefully navigating the content so that even if you don’t have time to read the 1500 words you can get the same value from quickly reading the heading and finding a call to action at the end.

Add Infographics to Pin

Infographics is a mix of visuals and digestible, shareable content. People respond to infographics and they are reported to increase engagement dramatically. They also tend to perform well on Pinterest which is a great place to get traffic from and promote content. Go back to your old blog posts with valuable content and repurpose it into infographics that can be shared.


There are lots of ways you can repurpose your old blog posts to drive traffic to your website and provide more value to your audience. Create more concise blog posts with the help of catchy titles and headings, shareable infographics, improve the search ranking with backlinks and promote old blog posts with new relevance on Social media platforms. If nothing else, update the blog posts with the most views or give them a part 2.

Which one of these tricks have you used on your website? Do share with us some of your own tips.


What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), its types and how it can benefit your business?

Today the digital market is growing rapidly. New business owners are shifting their focus towards the idea of taking their business online and attract more target audience. This will not only ensure greater sales and profit but also Increases Company’s reputation over the digital sphere. SO, is just making your business online is enough or does it requires more effort.

Yes! It requires more effort than just making it online. Today many vendors and businesses are selling the same things. For example, a Meat Mincer can be sold by 100 different vendors in the same area or city. But, what makes you and your Mincer stand out from the rest and grab more attention?

Here comes the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means optimizing your online business website with the user’s intention. For Example, if some customer wants to purchase a Mincer and searches for “Best Mincer in city ABC” your brand should come up in search result and only after that customer will be able to purchase. But if it doesn’t come up on the first page of search result than the buyer will not know whether your brands even exists or not.

But, how SEO helps us in this regard? By making following SEO efforts over your website you can rank your website at the top in search results for a particular product or service.

SEO has 2 major types.


So, let’s explain how each type is related to SEO.


On-Page SEO constitutes 70% of the overall SEO efforts over a website. In on-page optimization, a website is basically optimized to show relevancy with search queries. Whenever a customer searches about a product online, Google search engine matches that search query with all the records over the internet and displays only those results which are most relevant with the search query. So, by doing the On-Page optimization we incorporate main keywords, descriptions, and titles on a webpage that tells Google that what this page is actually about. Google bots continuously visit a website and monitor its content. If the website content is relevant to the user search query than it will rank higher. More the relevancy better the search rankings.

Other than URL, keywords, description, and title optimization one other major thing is website speed optimization. Google, in reality, monitors more than 200 SEO factors and the website loading speed is a major one. In order to increase website speed. Optimizing website images and other tweaks are necessary.

This was basically On-Page optimization. Now we will see what Off-Page Optimization is.


The Off-page SEO covers the remaining 30% of the overall SEO effort. It contains the following processes.

These are the basic processes which are done in off-page optimization of a website. In a blog posting, we are usually blogging about our product and services. This helps us in getting more user engagement as the user will read our BLOG and get more detailed information about ourselves. In social media, one should make his presence over social media because today most of the potential market use social media so if your business has no presence over social media you are missing out on huge customer traffic.

Backlinking is like the soul of off-page SEO. Getting referred by a high authority site will not only boost website rankings but also increases its Trust Score. Which is an important factor in Google’s eye while ranking. For getting more backlinks from high authority sites one should publish worthy content so other content owners can refer our content.

Different Digital marketing agencies offer different marketing packages to match customer’s needs.


Now that we have established what is SEO and its Major types. Let’s talk about what benefits it will produce for your business.

  • First of all, by doing SEO your business visibility over the internet will increase.
  • Organic Ranking of your website will increase.
  • The whole buying cycle will improve as the general usability is increased (through speed optimization).
  • Increase user’s engagement.
  • Enhance Trust and Credibility of the website.

SEO in a Gist

To Sum up the SEO, it’s a long term and technical process which Requires skills and technical knowledge of SEO. So, how can a non-technical person optimize his website for SEO? For starters, one can hire a Digital Marketing agency to help their business get their online presence. This agency can help you in optimizing your website for SEO and establish an overall Off-page SEO activity (Which includes Social Media Management, Blogging network, and Backlinking strategy. Agency’s previous projects and their stats are good indicators for selection.